First apartment dinner in Charleston, SC

Tonight was my first night preparing a meal for one and cooking in my new apartment kitchen. Cooking is actually more difficult when you are preparing just a single serving. The portions and quantity of ingredients have to be much smaller than recipes call for. Nonetheless, it is still fun to prepare a meal, even if it is just for me. In fact, its easier to decide on what to cook when you only have one mouth to please :)

Tonight, I adapted a simple recipe from
The Good Mood Food Blog.
Donal Skehan's blog was the first food blog I learned to follow. He is a young chef and recently published cookbook author who posts recipes that are fresh and very much aligned with my taste! Since my ingredients were limited (I just moved in this week and have only been to the grocery once) I chose his Balsamic Chicken with Avocado and Radish Salad (sans radishes). I added tomatoes, cucumbers, and spinach instead. The marinade and dressing used many of the same ingredients and were quick to prepare. I will admit I had some difficulty cooking the chicken all the way through - definitely an amateur on the grill, but I'm learning! Also, I might add that I am still a newb with my new Nikon camera and this blog. So bear with me. Missing my family and friends tonight, but excited for my life here in Charleston. Enjoy the pictures. XOXO Natalie

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