Visitor in the Kitchen - Meal 1: Naan Bread Pizzas

Lance came to visit me here in Charleston last week. His timing was perfect! We got to celebrate both of our birthdays (Feb. 4 and Feb. 9), Chinese New Years, Valentines Day, and Mardi Gras. Ok... so we didn't exactly celebrate any of these holidays in the traditional sense, but we did commemorate each day in the form of food! Lance is awesome in the kitchen, but even better at picking the meals. Lucky for him, they were almost all delicious! (I say almost because Lance and I both agreed that our Otsu noodle dish was far too bland for our liking.)

The first night he arrived, we went out to eat - I wanted to treat him to dinner for his birthday. So we walked a block from my apartment and ended up at the King Street Grille (half-off burgers on Wednesdays). Great dinner together :)

The second night we were in the kitchen. Of course, we started our culinary adventures with my ultimate favorite go-to dinner: Naan Bread Pizzas

These pizzas NEVER fail and the options for toppings and flavor are endless. The key ingredient though, is the fresh-made wholewheat Naan breads (used instead of a traditional pizza crust).

Lance of course added toppings to my standard pizza - shrimp and feta cheese. We also enhanced the standard by caramelizing the onions and mushrooms for the first layer. Simply delicious!

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nat, i had this pizza at your house once!!! DELICIOUS!!!

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