Calcutta Kitchen - Indian Series: Curry, Carrots, Cucumber

Mmm just thinking about this meal makes my mouth water! I realize some people have an aversion to Indian cuisine, but there was nothing but love, for the aroma of spices and flavors, in my kitchen Thursday night. Milena and I split the menu this week - Milena picked the recipe and purchased the groceries for our main course: Fish Curry. I took care of the side dishes: Curried Carrots and Mango and Cucumber Raita.

We also split the cooking duties. Milena manned the curry paste and fish while i managed the sides. Our timing worked out well and we finished our dishes in sync. (Secret - I had to get a head start on the Cucumber Raita before Milena arrived because it is best when chilled for at least an hour.)The fish curry recipe was adapted from Milena's cookbook "Calcutta Kitchen" while the side recipes can be found online at Kayotic Kitchen (great Dutch girl blogger) and
I cannot explain in words how well each element complimented the others. What started as a random selection of uncharted dishes, evolved into a wonderfully successful Indian fare. The cucumber raita served as a cooling balance for our intense and spicy fish curry. The carrots and mango added the perfect amount of sweetness to the other savory elements. Mmm... I might have to make this meal every week?!

Disclaimer: I really wish I had better photos of this meal (especially the fish curry) but the kitchen was a bit chaotic during the cooking process and honestly we could hardly stand to wait and eat once it was ready. Picture taking was beat by hunger on the priority list.

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