Nat's Knack in Thailand!

What an amazing opportunity! On January 11, I landed in Bangkok, Thailand to begin my 5 month stay in Southeast Asia. I have not stopped smiling since I landed here. Everything about this country is beautiful: the people, the landscape, the fruits, the vegetables, the candies, the garments, the art, the temples... I am in a constant state of awe.

I absolutely love the purity of the food here. Every dish is made from scratch with fresh ingredients close to their source. I have visited local pomelo and fruit farms, seen jackfruits growing on nearly every tree along the road, tasted Thai kale, basil, and bok choy in almost every dish.

I wish I could share every meal with you, but I will spare you the endless picture reel and highlight my two favorite meals since arriving in Thailand. The first meal was enjoyed in Bangkok along the river, the second was my lunch today in Chiang Mai (where I will be living for the next 2 months). Both meals were incredible but distinctly different.
Riverside Lunch - BANGKOK

I don't remember the name of this drink but I think it's safe to call it "Liquid Greens." A bit too earthy for my liking, but it might grow on me?
Best duck in town! Tender and savory.
Traditional fish dish for this area of Thailand. My favorite dish on the table, sweet and savory. I think I ate an entire fish to myself I loved it so much!
Nuy, our guide, explained that when eating Thai "family style" it is important to take one bite at a time as to enjoy the individual flavors of each dish. She explained that each dish has a unique blend of flavors that should not be mixed with others. I love the appreciation for food as an art here.
Sweet and sour sauteed vegetables with shrimp.
Long boat to visit the orchid farm, pomelo fruit farm, and lotus farm.

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