You know you have a best friend when...

Today Milena and I decided to have our last lunch "date" before embarking on our exciting journeys abroad next semester. She is truly the best thing to happen to me since I moved to Charleston last January. If you have been following my blog even remotely, you have probably noticed that Milena acts as my right hand in nearly everything. It's hard to call it chance when someone as remarkably compatible, adventurous, loving, loyal, fun, funny, intelligent, talented, challenging, and beautiful of a person enters your life. Because of this, I know that God undoubtedly had a hand in Milena and I meeting last January. For this I am forever thankful.

Onto lighter things and foodie talk :) Today, with little hesitation, we agreed to try the newest Mexican restaurant, Caliente, in West Ashley known for it use of fresh and local Lowcountry ingredients.

In addition to the excitement of trying something new, we also decided to use this time together to exchange Christmas gifts.
We had barely settled in our seats before we were greeted with house-made corn tortilla chips and a fresh, spicy salsa!
And before I could ask the server for a water, Milena chimed in, "and we would like to start with your fresh guacamole." We had both read a review before coming to Caliente that described their guac as the new "standard." Our review: Simple, uncontrived avocados with fresh and chunky tomatoes. Quite delicious!
Milena and Santa have a dance off...
As per usual, we wanted to try everything on the menu so we decided to split two of their lunch specials. First shown, veggie fajitas with black beans.
Second, chicken taco and steak enchilada with Mexican rice
We hated everything. Lies. But we both agreed that our favorite element was the cheesy steak enchilada followed by the most flavorful element, the sauteed vegetables in the fajita dish.
Best friends are great at a lot of things, but have you ever realized how well they gift?! Milena nailed it by creating and writing the most thoughtful card and giving me the most unique ring handcrafted by a local Charlestonian. The "thank you" symbolizes the most simplest of prayers - giving thanks.

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Miiilena said...

Someone feels spoiled by her best friend, and blessed to have one so amazing. Love you and missing you!

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