Traditional Chiang Mai Lunch

Each region of Thailand (Southern, Central, and Northern) is recognized for its unique style of Thai cuisine. Northern Thailand is often noted for having the best fare! I would have to agree, although I am a bit bias living in Chiang Mai. Today, I joined two other Americans and two local Thais for lunch at Huen Jai Yong เฮือนใจ๋ยอง. We enjoyed many of the traditional Northern Thai "share dishes and ended with a refreshing Thai dessert. This is by far my favorite meal since arriving in Chiang Mai :)Beautiful garden view as we walked up the stairs to our rooftop dining...
we removed our shoes and sat on the ground, traditional Northern Thai style.

Luckily, we had De Pang and "Spicy" (our two Thai friends) with us to order from the Thai only menu.
We had no clue what they ordered until it arrived - even then I wasn't sure what I was eating. But needless to say, we were pleasantly surprised when two Thai servers delivered an incredible array of colorful dishes.
Kaeng Kanun (แกงขนุน) Jackfruit curry/soup: Most Northern Thai curries do not contain coconut milk. This curry was more like a soup but with pork ribs, young jackfruit, various veggies, tomatoes, herbs and spices, and shrimp paste.
Ham-Prik-Noon: A popular side dish in Chiang Mai consisting of roasted green chilis, garlic, and onion, and some other herbs I presume. Very spicy but super delicious with sliced vegetables or sticky rice. This is one of my favorite side dishes.
Kang Hung Lay (Northern Pork Curry/Stew): I am dying to know how to make this dish! It was incredible. Rich flavors with julienned ginger root and perfectly tender pork. Yum! *Wikipedia says: a Burmese influenced stewed pork curry which uses peanuts, dried chilies and tamarind juice in the recipe but containing no coconut milk.
Sai Oua (Northern Style Sausage): If you like Louisiana sausage this is your dish but with Thai flavors! Delicious pork and chicken sausage with fresh and dried herbs and aromatics. Behind the sausage is what I like to call a Thai omelet with onions, greens, chili, and chicken topped with fresh cilantro.
They brought us both brown and white sticky rice :)
Delicious fare! I will be back...
How could I forget dessert?! Lot chong nam kathi: pandan flavored rice flour noodles in coconut milk and shaved ice.

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