Cafe Des Amis (Breaux Bridge, Louisiana)

Cafe Des Amis is probably my favorite brunch spot. I don't think anyone could argue against spicy bloody marys, mimosas and rich Cajun cuisine to start of your day, but the Zydeco band that plays every Saturday morning is what truly sets Cafe Des Amis apart. The spirit of this restaurant is contagious and its impossible to leave without a smile and a full stomach.
Since I am giving credit to Cafe Des Amis as my #1 brunch spot, I thought I'd mention its close competitors:
* Bistro Du Soleil (Playa Del Rey, California)
* Blue Dog Cafe, Sunday Brunch (Lafayette, Louisiana)
Unfortunately, Milena and I weren't in town for Saturday morning, but we still made a visit to the Cafe and had a delicious Cajun lunch with my mom.Fried Catfish with Crawfish Etouffee, corn, and potato saladBlackened Catfish with vegetables *Gluten-Free*Grilled Chicken filled with Crawfish Stuffing topped with Crawfish Etouffee, corn, and potato salad

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