Strawberry Easter Cake

Easter is not only the most important day in the Liturgical calendar, the day Jesus rose from the dead, but it is also a beautiful celebration of the commencement of Spring!
After a lengthy discussion with my mom about the Easter menu, my little sister and I had no trouble determining the dessert - fresh strawberry cake!
The menu went accordingly:
Salad: "LeBlanc Salad" - Cucumber, Avocado, Tomato trio with mixed greens, feta cheese, and an Italian herb vinaigrette.
Entree: Rosemary marinated chicken and vegetable kebabs AND Orange/honey marinated duck and vegetable kebabs
Sides: Herb-roasted potatoes/carrots with Dijon glaze AND fresh sourdough baguette

Now for the dessert. This strawberry cake is exceptionally dense, but light in taste, and deliciously fresh! My dad even broke his strict "chocolate-only" dessert rule to try this cake and admitted, "This beats a lot of chocolate desserts - I love it!"

Strawberry Layer Cake RECIPE: (source: Cooking Light magazine)
Everyone in the family pitched in for the Easter feast:
-Dad prepared the duck and manned the grill
-Mom and I prepared the chicken kebabs, salad, and roasted veggies
-I made the cake
-Charlotte made the icing and decorated the cake with beautiful simplicity :)
-Sarah set the table and took all of the amazing photographs!
-Lance ATE ;)

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roach said...

I'm really impressed by your blog Natalie, not to mention your culinary skills. This is really neat.

-Tyler Roach

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