Mae Chaem Cooking Competition

I was eager and excited when I found out I would be spending a week up in the beautiful hill-tribe village of Mae Chaem. I was even more thrilled to hear that we were going to learn how to cook from the locals and compete in a taste competition!
We were divided into groups of 5 and assigned a leader who could translate Thai to English for each group. We then dispersed to neighboring village homes and were taught to cook a typical Thai dish by the local housewives. The competition part was just for fun, however I thought I might mention that my team won! :)
1. Som tam (Papaya Salad) - the literal translation means Orange (som) and to mortar (tam). Loosely translated: mortared fruit (papaya) salad

2. Kaeng-jaw phak kaad (cabbage soup)- not pictured

3. Kaeng khae (vegetable curry)
4. Khanom (desserts)

5. Khanom thian (sticky rice with various fillings wrapped in banana leaves)

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